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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is your return policy?

HandiGuru™ offers returns within 30 days of purchase within the U.S. If you're not happy with your wristband kit, let us know and we'll get you sorted. 

Customer Support


How do I use the wristband kit?

Please see instructional videos here for detailed information on how to use your new HandiGuru™ Wristband Kit.


What is sizing for the HandiGuru wristband?

Our Silicone wristband will clasp from a diameter of 4" and up to 8"

To measure your wrist for sizing, use a piece of string and measure the circumference of your wrist where you would wear a watch. 

HandiGuru wristband sizing


What is the fluid capacity of the wristband, How much does it hold?

The HandiGuru™ Wristband holds approximatelh 15ml (.5 fl.oz) of gel liquids. Enough for a days use of running errands, meetings and general outdoor activities. 


Are the wristbands and kit recyclable?

Yes! HandiGuru™ Wristband Kits are fully recyclable, BPA free and FDA approved. 


What liquids can I put in the wristband?

The HandiGuru™ silicone wristband is designed for gel-type liquids. Use any of your favorite gel-based products in the wristband. Please be advised, more watery liquids will not hold as well as more viscous liquids in the wristband. 


 Can I reuse the wristband?

Of course! That is what is intended. The FDA approved silicone is a long lasting reusable rubber. We recommend only using one type of gel for one wristband (i.e. only using hand sanitizer gel in one wristband). Some users will color code their HandiGuru™ wristbands for specific gel types (i.e. Infinite Black wristband only for hand sanitizer gel and Transcendental Blue for Sunscreen)


Does the Wristband Kit come with hand sanitizer or sunscreen?

The Wristband Kit does not come with liquids. We have found people have their own preferences for Hand Sanitizers, Sunscreens and Bug Repellents. Having said that, we have some exciting news in the near future..🤫😎


Can I buy in bulk for my group, club or organization?

Why yes, yes you can! Please contact customer support for more information. 

Customer Support