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How to Videos and Tips





  • Step One - Fill applicator bottle with your favorite gel bases/viscous product. Tip: The screw on cap and applicator tip will fit on other bottles, test for fit and use on your own product bottle if desired.                                  

  • Step Two - Unscrew cap to applicator tip and insert applicator tip into the HandiGuru's fill bubble. The fill bubble is the smaller bubble on the wristband that has a small incision in it to allow filling. It is self sealing and will keep your gel product secure until squeezed. Tip: On first try, it helps to find incision and fill wristband by squeezing the small fill bubble to see exactly where the incision is to insert applicator tip.   


    • Step Three - Squeeze applicator bottle to fill the HandiGuru Wristband with your gel/lotion and remove applicator tip from Wristband. There you go! All set to Guard your OM when you leave home!

    • Step Four - To Use - Squeeze Wristband to dispense gel from the Wristband. There are a number of ways to dispense, please see photos and videos for options.