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How to Videos and Tips




  • Step One - Fill applicator bottle with your favorite gel bases/viscous product. Tip: The screw on cap and applicator tip will fit on other bottles, test for fit and use on your own product bottle if desired.                                  

  • Step Two - Unscrew cap to applicator tip and insert applicator tip into the HandiGuru's fill bubble. The fill bubble is the smaller bubble on the wristband that has a small incision/hole in it to allow filling. It is self sealing and will keep your gel product secure until squeezed. Tip: Some light pressure will be needed to insert the applicator tip into the fill bubble.


  • Step Three - Squeeze applicator bottle to fill the HandiGuru Wristband with your gel/lotion and remove applicator tip from Wristband. There you go! All set to Guard your OM when you leave home!

  • Step Four - To Use - Squeeze Wristband to dispense gel from the Wristband. There are a number of ways to dispense, the most popular way to dispense is in the video below. Turn your wristband upside down on your wrist and squeeze with your other hand underneath to dispense gel.