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Guard your OM when you leave Home™

On the Go - Refillable Wristbands

Guard your OM when you leave Home™

On the Go - Refillable Wristbands

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ON the Go - Refillable Silicone Wristband Kit - Hypo-Allergenic and FDA Approved

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Guard your OM when you Leave Home™

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"Thanks for developing Handiguru, it’s been brilliant for us! I traveled with my 12 year old daughter from LAX to Amsterdam last Friday. We had talked in advance about being strict about extra hygiene both at the airport and on the plane. My daughter loved the blue color of the Handiguru and that motivated her to put it on. We wore Handigurus while going through the TSA check and they allowed us to keep it on.

We were excited about wearing it and used the sanitizer at every possible opportunity, including after the bathroom, after the TSA check, after buying snacks, while sitting at the gate, before taking something out of her backpack etc. We then refilled at the gate before getting on the plane and that lasted the whole flight until we reached our taxi at the other end.

You’d be surprised how many times you need to sanitize. On the flight it was countless times, as we took our seats and wiped down our area, before all drinks and food, after bathroom use, after touching the overhead bins etc. Handiguru made it very easy and served as a reminder to sanitize."

Belle R

"Dear HandGuru, I gave this to my Granddaughter on her 10th Birthday. When I asked her what her favorite gift was I was really surprised! She said the HandiGURU. She said all her friends will want one.Thanks for you invention to make lives easier."

Adrienne M