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HandiGuru South Africa!

We are so excited to announce distribution in South Africa!  Head on over to www.handiguru.co.za and see what they have to offer. Follow them on insta with @handiguruSA

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Device that keeps hand sanitizer close by donated to Girls Inc.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - There will be no more fumbling around looking for hand sanitizer if you are wearing the HandiGuru. Benjamin Anderson, a Santa Barbara-area innovator and artist, has invented a wearable item that carries a day's supply of sanitizer, sunscreen or bug repellant. He saw the need and, after four months of research, came up with a solution with the specially designed wearable sanitizer band. It comes with a special refillable bottle and tip kit. The HandiGuru Wristband Kit was given to 30 members of the Girls Inc. camp in Carpinteria Tuesday morning. They also had a "hands-on" demonstration. https://keyt.com/news/safety/2020/06/30/handiguru-invented-to-keep-sanitizer-right-next-to-your-hands/

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HandiGuru Goes One-For-One

June 21st, 2020 -  HandiGuru™ goes One-For-One During these unprecedented times, sales of HandiGuru™ On the Go Refillable Wristband Kits will be matched One-For-One until the first 2500 kits have been donated. In other words, for every Wristband Kit you purchase, one Wristband Kit will be donated because of you.  Program starts June 21st, 2020 and ends once the goal of 2500 kits donated has been meet. Beneficiaries will be front line workers, schools, hospitals and families in need.  For detailed information regarding this program and to request a donation of HandiGuru™ Wristband Kits, please click here  

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