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Device that keeps hand sanitizer close by donated to Girls Inc.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - There will be no more fumbling around looking for hand sanitizer if you are wearing the HandiGuru.

Benjamin Anderson, a Santa Barbara-area innovator and artist, has invented a wearable item that carries a day's supply of sanitizer, sunscreen or bug repellant.

He saw the need and, after four months of research, came up with a solution with the specially designed wearable sanitizer band.

It comes with a special refillable bottle and tip kit.

The HandiGuru Wristband Kit was given to 30 members of the Girls Inc. camp in Carpinteria Tuesday morning.

They also had a "hands-on" demonstration.


Wearable Sanitizer Kit donated to Girls Inc.

Wearable Sanitizer Wristband donated to GirlsInc. Group picture

Portable Sanitizer Wristband Donated to Girls Inc.