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 Refillable Silicone  Sanitizer Wristband  by HandiGuru- Black
<b>The Original Refillable Wristband Kit by HandiGuru</b> - Infinite Black
Filling the HandiGuru Wristband with Hand Sanitizer

The Original Refillable Wristband Kit by HandiGuru - Infinite Black

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Guard your OM when you leave home!

Kit Includes:

1 Refillable Silicone Wristband, FDA approved, One size fits all, .5 fl.oz (15ml) capacity

1 Squeeze bottleBPA free, 2fl.oz (59ml)  

1Applicator Tip, BPA free 

*Liquids not included


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jerry Kallman
HandiGuri Wristband Review - Airline International Luggage, Pens & Gifts

This was our #1 performing item in the category of PPE products featured in our 2020 Holiday Catalog. We received excellent service from Ben and team, and are delighted with the enthusiasm from our customers. It has helped establish our retail store in the El Paso Community as the "go-to-local retailer' for all of their PPE essentials! Kudos for a great product at a great price! For further reference here is the link to the HandiGuru Refillable Wristband: https://www.airlineintl.com/product/handiguru-the-original-refillable-wristband

Great idea

This works so great if you’re job is a teacher, cashier anything really. Great for shopping. Used it at an amusement park. It’s a bit tricky to refill you just have to get the hang of it. Otherwise a great product

Debbie Brinker
Best invention ever!!!!!!

Seriously, this is perfect....easy to fill and use. It's right where you need it!

Renee Silverman
HandiGuru is a great item for our times!

The HandiGuru wristband is such a simple and easy solution to the dilemma of staying sanitized. You don't need to fish around your bag or backpack looking for hand sanitizer when it's right on your wrist. It fills and dispenses easily. Great item for kids.

Love it

Best thing created for easy, quick access to sanitizer. No pockets needed. No reaching into purse and touching everything for a bottle. Great for my kid when he goes back to school. 😊😊